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For class XII appearing students.
20 Mock Tests on National & State Level Exam Pattern.
More than 100 daily Practice Papers. Don’t wait, save one precious year of your academic life and give yourself the best chance at JEE and NEET 2021 with our one year classroom program for 11th to 12th moving students

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SPECTRUM EDUVENTURE is equipped with the team of top most faculties for preparation of JEE (Main+Advanced) who are known for producing best results year after year. Our meticulously planned courses and well-timed completion of the syllabus renders sufficient time to the engineering aspirants for self-studies and thorough revision. Our subject experts explain the basics in a simple manner using illustrations which helps students to get well acquainted with the topics.

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SPECTRUM EDUVENTURES has established itself as a leader in the preparation for JEE (Main)/AIEEE. Year after year, it has given the best results in JEE (Main)/AIEEE. JEE (Main) courses designed by SPECTRUM are unique and are as per the latest examination pattern, which train the students to outperform in JEE (Main) exam. In order to draw the best out of the students and make them deliver top results, we provide the required guidance to the students.

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SPECTRUM EDUVENTURES has long been distinguished for the best preparatory courses and results for medical entrance examinations. We prepare students to face entrance examinations successfully by providing a healthy learning environment grounded well in the principles of value based career education, imparting knowledge, infusing positivity and boosting confidence.

[dt_fancy_image image_id=”2622″ onclick=”custom_link” image_link=”http://spectrumeduventures.in/pre-nurture-career-foundation/” custom_link_target=”_blank” width=”220″ height=”220″ border_radius=”500px” css=”.vc_custom_1585133435928{padding-bottom: 20px !important;}”] Pre- Nurture and Career Foundation

offers courses for various Competitive Exams and Olympiads for the students of classes 6th to 10th. It fosters Creativity, Scientific Thinking, Competitive Temperament and Divergent Aptitude in the students by means of our Classroom Contact Programs and Workshops.

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For class IX,X,XI,XII & XII passed students.
Individual doubt clearance,All India TesT series.
Mentor Analysis for every student and discussion with parents.

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